Living & Inanimate

The most notable distinction between living and inanimate beings is that the former maintain themselves by renewal
— Dewey

Do not be stagnate.  Do not be afraid to grow.  There will be ups and downs for sure, but try not to let those scare you.  Sometimes its hard to trust the process and enjoy the journey when you have an end game in mind but you'll miss so many of the good things if you don't consciously look for the joys in the little things.  Taking a breath, hanging out, and doing nothing, can sometimes be the best thing for you when you're constantly moving 500 miles an hour.


If you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will
— Greg McKeown

I chose to keep this in mind from now on.  I made myself proud by saying no to some things I typically would have said yes to.  I allowed what I wanted to do stay away from the back burner.  Do it and see how you feel.  Recognize that you do not need to be a people pleaser.

Work-Life Balance

Make decisions by design
— Greg McKeown

It was a little over a year ago I left my big girl corporate job that I had been so excited to begin in the first place.  The one that I thought I needed because, hell, I went to school for a degree and needed a job that showed it was worth something.  

I learned SO many important things working under some amazing GMs with so much to teach.  I did like it.  But things change, life goals change.  Priorities change.  It does not mean it wasn't worth it or did not add value to my life.  One of the most important things I took away?  Work-Life balance.  If you don't set boundaries, you eliminate them altogether.  Worse than that, boundaries may appear, but they won't be ones you set yourself, they will have arisen out of default, by someone else, instead of by YOUR design.  I had to step back and think about what I valued.  

What is your time worth?  When is enough, enough?


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Accepting me, for me

As you change, your world changes also
— Norman Peale

At first, I was afraid of change, of growth.  Its a scary thing.  You might think it silly to be afraid of change, its hard and theres no denying that so many of us hate it.  [Insert basically any type of change] But I'm not talking about the everyday change.  

I'm talking about the change that people notice.  Not the tiny, step-by-step-discreet-changes.  Or even the slightly more incremental changes that when you look back in a year, you recognize.  I'm talking about the serious, I-am-doing-this-change.  The, this-is-what-i-want-change.  I've chosen to reinvent myself and pull the covers off.  I felt that I always had to take a back seat to those who thrived in the spot light.  After all, they are already doing it better.  I don't even shine in the spot light, but I'm okay with that.  [Maybe a little highlight will help].  But now?  I'm working more on accepting me for me.

When I discussed the premise of a blog with a friend, and talked about not liking to be in the forefront, the response was "you need to get over that".  When I spoke to some well-connected moguls about my branding, I was told it was essential to be the face of my brand.  Timidness isn't going to get you anywhere, so just do it, and be proud of yourself and the process of getting there.   


Imagination is everything

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions
— Albert Einstein

We are a nation that encourages disruption, a culture that praises boldness and creativity.  But that doesn't always make it easy.  Today, everyone is an entrepreneur.  Everyone believes they are creative and may even tell you that they can do what you do.  Prove them wrong.  If you're going to do it, do it better.

Passion speaks loudly.  Hardwork shines.  At least that is what I will continue to believe.  It's beautiful to believe it is far from all for naught, isn't it?

Facts vs Attitudes

Attitudes are more important than facts
— Dr Karl Menninger

How amazing is it that just changing your attitude about things can alter them for not only yourself, but also for others?

I could look at things factually 24/7, but that would be no fun.  And likely, mentally trying.  Take this little shoot for example.  I could tell you about its location, factually,...we shot behind a drug store.  On a back street.  Lined invasively with harsh blue garbage bins along the edge.  There was overgrown shrubbery that served as a backdrop for EMTs waiting on calls, in their ambulances.  And construction trucks chugged along blowing black smoke out of their tailpipes.

OR, I could speak of the magic that this alley way held.  The grassy peeks popping through the cobblestone pathway lent such a homeliness it was nearly irresistible.  We were surrounded by gorgeous trees, reaching their blooms gracefully into the walkway just waiting to lend you some shade.

You can feel the difference, can't you?  How you feel about a fact can defeat you before you even have the chance to recognize it is too late.  Don't let that happen.  I hope the next time you fail to see the beauty in the norm or get down on a situation, you create a mind shift for yourself.

Do You

If you see a difference between where you are and where you want to be, consciously change your thoughts, words, and actions to match your grandest vision
— Neal Donald Walsch

I'm still working on getting over the fear of the what-ifs and the possibility of people passing judgement on my decisions.  I'm not sure if you're anything like me, but if you are, feeling like that can suck.  If someone else were to tell me they felt that way, I'd tell them not to care.  Much easier said than done.  I'm working on it.


I'm consciously working on not caring about others opinions or judgements of me.  If you are like me, I hope you are too.

I've realized I don't have to explain myself.  I do not owe anyone anything and that is a fantastic truth.

Creativity Risks

If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never be creative
— Ken Robinson

How important is it to take risks?  How often do you work it into your everyday life?  

I've always been so harsh on myself, holding high standards, often disappointing myself because I felt I could never live up to my own expectations.  I bet there is more than one of you out there who feel the same.  I'll be the first to admit the good and bad in that.  I've always been scared to try because I'm afraid to fail.  If there wasn't the slightest shimmer of success on the horizon, you could count me out.  Being a perfectionist and having a creative mind can work in complete harmony and complete opposition, all at the same time.  

I've made a promise to myself to allow more risks, and I am accepting that things will not always work out perfectly.  So far?  I'm not regretting it.  Welcome to the Queen City Gypsy blog; let the adventure begin.