Work-Life Balance

Make decisions by design
— Greg McKeown

It was a little over a year ago I left my big girl corporate job that I had been so excited to begin in the first place.  The one that I thought I needed because, hell, I went to school for a degree and needed a job that showed it was worth something.  

I learned SO many important things working under some amazing GMs with so much to teach.  I did like it.  But things change, life goals change.  Priorities change.  It does not mean it wasn't worth it or did not add value to my life.  One of the most important things I took away?  Work-Life balance.  If you don't set boundaries, you eliminate them altogether.  Worse than that, boundaries may appear, but they won't be ones you set yourself, they will have arisen out of default, by someone else, instead of by YOUR design.  I had to step back and think about what I valued.  

What is your time worth?  When is enough, enough?


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