Facts vs Attitudes

Attitudes are more important than facts
— Dr Karl Menninger

How amazing is it that just changing your attitude about things can alter them for not only yourself, but also for others?

I could look at things factually 24/7, but that would be no fun.  And likely, mentally trying.  Take this little shoot for example.  I could tell you about its location, factually,...we shot behind a drug store.  On a back street.  Lined invasively with harsh blue garbage bins along the edge.  There was overgrown shrubbery that served as a backdrop for EMTs waiting on calls, in their ambulances.  And construction trucks chugged along blowing black smoke out of their tailpipes.

OR, I could speak of the magic that this alley way held.  The grassy peeks popping through the cobblestone pathway lent such a homeliness it was nearly irresistible.  We were surrounded by gorgeous trees, reaching their blooms gracefully into the walkway just waiting to lend you some shade.

You can feel the difference, can't you?  How you feel about a fact can defeat you before you even have the chance to recognize it is too late.  Don't let that happen.  I hope the next time you fail to see the beauty in the norm or get down on a situation, you create a mind shift for yourself.