Accepting me, for me

As you change, your world changes also
— Norman Peale

At first, I was afraid of change, of growth.  Its a scary thing.  You might think it silly to be afraid of change, its hard and theres no denying that so many of us hate it.  [Insert basically any type of change] But I'm not talking about the everyday change.  

I'm talking about the change that people notice.  Not the tiny, step-by-step-discreet-changes.  Or even the slightly more incremental changes that when you look back in a year, you recognize.  I'm talking about the serious, I-am-doing-this-change.  The, this-is-what-i-want-change.  I've chosen to reinvent myself and pull the covers off.  I felt that I always had to take a back seat to those who thrived in the spot light.  After all, they are already doing it better.  I don't even shine in the spot light, but I'm okay with that.  [Maybe a little highlight will help].  But now?  I'm working more on accepting me for me.

When I discussed the premise of a blog with a friend, and talked about not liking to be in the forefront, the response was "you need to get over that".  When I spoke to some well-connected moguls about my branding, I was told it was essential to be the face of my brand.  Timidness isn't going to get you anywhere, so just do it, and be proud of yourself and the process of getting there.