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So glad you've found your way here!  I mean that.  There are all kinds of paths to take.  I'm glad ours have crossed.

I am brand new at this thing called blogging.  I love to create, writing is another outlet for that.  Queen City Gypsy is meant to take all the little life nuggets I've experienced, turn them on their head, expound on them, reflect on the, grow through them, and come out a better person.  I hope you will find some inspiration, something that speaks to you here.  Whether its a slice of peace, a breath of passion, or a shift in mentality; I hope I've helped alter your day in positive way.

Enjoy xo,




Photography / Mitch Jamieson
Photography / Hannah Kathleen
Jewelry / Indie Twenty





August 5/6th, Sat/Sun       Eden Corn Festival               Eden, NY

August 6th, Sunday          Veg Fest                         LaSalle Park

August 19th, Saturday       Jack Craft Trade Fair            Outter Harbor, Buffalo, NY

August 25/26th, Fri/Sat     Night Lights Music Festival      Blue Heron Grounds